Monday, February 14, 2011

my brief thoughts on.... 'Legion' (2010)

from the time this was released, i've heard nothing but bad things about it.... there were a few positive things, here and there, that they pointed out in the movie but overall it was a failure.... this movie was intended to be a trilogy, however it's doubtful that this will happen now.... i'm a man that will give just about any movie out there a day in court.... some sooner than others, but eventually they will be seen.... and i stayed away from this one for quite a while because i was biased against it from the reviews.... i needed to give it some time and distance so that i could watch it with clear eyes.... (however, when it came out on Netflix OnDemand.... i can never refuse that.... so i watched it before i was totally unbiased....).... once i finally sat down to view this, i had very low expectations still, but the trailer showed some promise so i had a faint glimmer of hope.... i can honestly say that from the first scene on, i was intrigued.... and the further into the movie i went, the more interested i became.... it felt like a zombie movie, but with angels....

the basic story wasn't new, however the bigger storyline was something that i hadn't seen before.... i believe that this movie really could have been something.... i'm not sure what i can pinpoint that killed it, but i felt the ending could have been done much better.... that's the biggest thing that bothered me.... that and what i call 'the 'Stigmata' effect.... a movie that basis itself in religion, but disregards religion and just makes it up however they want.... or however will fit the best in the movie....

to keep the plot breakdown as simple as possible: angels come to earth, in human form, to stop the birth of a child that will save humanity.... but a small group of people, including the pregnant woman, barricade themselves in an old diner.... the only thing that can protect them is the angel, Michael, who gives up his place in heaven to save the child and humanity.... (that wasn't as simple as i would hope....)

the cast really puts on a good show and does the best with everything they have.... the special effects are done fairly well.... i enjoyed the action sequences.... i mean, who doesn't love massive amounts of guns firing....? the hordes of angels are frightening and change the way angels are thought of.... (part of the changes made to religious icons to meet the needs of the storyline).... it's a very dark movie that had a lot of promise.... i could see how this got greenlit to be made, i just wonder how it could go so wrong....? maybe i'm missing something....? or perhaps i'm just a simple guy who is easily entertained....?

i gave it 3 out of 5 stars and even watched it a second time.... i really think they should have re-thought the ending.... and perhaps the casting of Lucas Black as one of the leads.... not that i dislike him, but he just doesn't sell the storyline.... and i can't say i'd want to see him in a sequel.... maybe that's what happened....? i don't know.... maybe the world will never know.... either way, i recommend to check this out.... just close your eyes at the end or shut if off before the last 15 minutes play out.... it's a fun little time waster....

if you like this, watch: a zombie movie.... it's kind of what they were going for i think.

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