Friday, February 25, 2011

my brief thoughts on.... 'Frozen' (2010)

what a terrible thing to happen to someone.... to get caught out in the freezing cold with minimal protection and no way to save yourself without sustaining a deadly injury.... not to mention that the first chance to be saved isn't going to happen for several days.... this is the premise of 'Frozen' and is enough to instill fear in me right off the bat, even before the movie starts.... besides the frightening plot, what's impressive about this is the fact that the movie is basically 3 people on a ski lift.... for almost the whole movie that's almost all you see.... it's difficult to pull off a movie under these circumstances, but 'Frozen' makes a valiant effort.... it's not the first movie to use this type of strategy.... but this doesn't always work.... when it does, it can be extremely powerful.... but when it fails, it just comes off as being dull and uninspired.... lazy writing.... in the case of 'Frozen', i think that they accomplished exactly what they were going for.... and they didn't have to resort to the hand held camera tricks that so many movies are using these days....

i've already outlined the basic plot already.... what happens is that 3 friends go out to ski on a mountain.... they bribe a lift operator to let them go for one last run before they shut it down for the weekend.... a mix up occurs and the 3 get stuck halfway up and the ski resort shuts down unaware.... the 3 people start to freak out about their situation and try and come up with ways to get down.... after some attempts and some horrific results, things start to look really bleak.... the rest of it is something you'll need to see on your own....
i really looked forward to seeing this movie.... and it lived up to the majority of my expectations.... there was very few things about it that bothered me.... and those things weren't enough to outweigh the good things.... i liked it enough to give it 4 out of 5 stars.... it was entertaining and at times nail biting.... there isn't much to speak of in the way of action.... most of it is talking about what to do.... and because of that, when the few action scenes take place, it makes things that much more intense.... it is available right now OnDemand, but i don't know for how long.... so i would recommend you check it out soon.... in closing, i think that 'Frozen' lived up to my expectations.... it didn't surpass them, but it left a good impression.... i'm glad that people are still out there writing for the actor and the audience, not the box office.... i don't ski, but the next time i do i will stick to the bunny slopes that don't required a lift.

if you like simple movies with minimal action: 'Open Water', 'The Blair Witch Project', and 'Buried' (2010)

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