Monday, February 7, 2011

my thoughts on.... 'A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures'

every once in a while a documentary comes along that takes me by surprise and i fall in love with it instantly.... this originally wasn't something i was 100% interested in seeing.... but it came in the mail from Netflix on accident and i decided it was a sign to see what this was all about.... i knew the basic premise and that's what made me add it to my queue to begin with.... what's it about....? it's about something that i think everyone of you has thought about at some point in your lives.... going back to all of your ex's and asking them why you split up and what they thought/think of you.... in this case, Chris Waitt, our loveable hero decides that after years of failures in relationships he wants to try and figure out why.... and somehow he pitches this idea to the right people and gets funding to make this film.... he starts out by making a list of ex's he wants to interview about the topic.... and at first things aren't looking too good.... it's so questionable that he's almost shut down from finishing the film.... but he carries on and eventually starts to see things turn around and soon we're going along with him as he gets answers from the women in his past.... some good and some REALLY not so good.... however, it starts to show a trend and helps him to get a better idea of what it is about him that kept him single.... and by the time the third act rolls around, he's had his character arc and things finally start to go his way.... there is also a follow up short documentary about what happened after the filming and if you rent this DVD i recommend that you watch it.... if you enjoyed what you saw....

i can honestly say that i've contemplated this idea in the past.... granted, it was a bit before i was married.... and since then it really hasn't mattered.... but there was a period where i needed answers and it seemed like going to the source would be the best way.... in retrospect, i'm glad i didn't take that path as i'm pretty sure it would've ended up in disaster.... but i think it's a universal feeling.... to want to revisit what's already happend to get closure, answers, updates, or possibly a fresh start.... this documentary made that happen and was so well done that i felt completely satisfied by the end and wanted to watch it again.... i will be putting this one on my short list of films to own someday.... Chris is from across the pond and i don't know if that adds a different angle to this film or not, but i think it's an across the board kind of thing the way it pans out.... i may be alone in my love of this documentary, as i've heard some negative things about it.... but i equate it with Morgan Spurlock's 'Super Size Me'.... they are opposite types of films, but Morgan and Chris both have that 'It' factor that makes me want to hang out with them.... even if it's just for an hour and a half in a movie....
this film was deserving of 4 out of 5 stars and that's what i gave it.... a simple slice of one man's life, documented by himself and shown to the world.... warts and all.... he puts himself out there and sets aside the notion of possible judgement of his character in favor of giving the viewer something entertaining and educational.... the end is something i'd love to tell you about, but i think it's best you see it for yourself.... so go and add it to your queue and check it out.... i can only hope it gives you the same enjoyment it gave me.

if you like this, check out: 'Super Size Me', 'Brother's Keeper', and 'American Movie'

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