Friday, February 25, 2011

my brief thoughts on.... 'Black Dynamite'

i don't care for Michael Jai White.... i never have.... whenever he's in a movie he is a distraction.... for example, in 'Spawn' he was the wrong choice and terrible in it.... there is just something about him that's annoying.... after saying that, i have to say that i really enjoyed 'Black Dynamite'....! and to think that he not only starred in it, but wrote it too.... i have a new respect for him.... it doesn't mean that i really like him very much, however he's proved why he's still working in Hollywood.... this movie is re-treading some familiar ground.... it's obviously a throwback to the old "Blaxploitation" films of the 70's.... noboby is hiding that fact.... the difference here is that this isn't a Zuckers brothers kind of spoof, this movie would actually stand on its own just as a good comedy.... it doesn't rely so much on gags that it doesn't have anything else to offer.... it's smartly written and slyly acted in such a way that it feels fresh.... regardless of the already familiar territory.... the casting in this is excellent and Michael Jai White stands out in the lead.... he finally draws focus in a positive way.... he feels like a Richard Roundtree and looks like him a bit too.... he embodies the 'Shaft' vibe.... i really enjoyed goind on this ride and wasn't sure what to expect and i was happily surprised with the results.... this is OnDemand right now.... so consider adding it to your queue.... it is well worth the time....

Black Dynamite is one bad mutha.... when his brother is killed, he takes it upon himself to find the killer.... and what he discovers is a plot that leads him all the way to the White House.... that's the basic plot....
if you like spoof movies with a smarted sensability and ones without the 'DUR DUR' idiot moments, this is the movie you need to see.... it's been a while since there has been a movie like this.... i liked it enough to slap 4 out of 5 stars on this movies ass.... there is a scene at the ending that sealed that deal all by itself.... i was glued to my TV from beginning to end.... and i'm a big enough man to apologize to Michael Jai White for my previous feelings on his career.... i may not run out to see his next movie because of this one, but i will consider it before throwing it under the bus.... (i'm also a little scared that he's going to come and kick my butt.... he's a pretty bad dude....!).... this movie will undoubtedly go down as a cult classic and a movie that people will still be talking about in a decade.... it has a timeless quality and that special something that is rare.... a comedy that is actually funny. (not like 'Meet the Parents.)

if you watch this, also see: 'I'm Gonna Git You Sucka', 'Shaft', and 'Black Belt Jones'

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  1. Also loved it. This movie is to comedy what "grindhouse" is to action. At times it felt like it was running a little long (okay, I got the joke already) but there were just so many good lines that kept the laughs coming.