Sunday, February 6, 2011

my very brief thoughts on.... 'Saw VII: The Final Chapter'

just so you don't think i only write negative reviews.... here's a positive one....!

when i watched the original 'Saw' for the first time, i was in love.... it reminded me of 'Se7en', but not as high budget.... it was a fun trip with a nice twist at the end.... i then watched all of the sequels and finally watched part 7 a couple of weeks ago.... it was an enjoyable watch, just like all the rest.... granted, the series has changed quite a bit since the original.... but everything has to evolve.... and with the 'Saw' series you can't just keep up with the original formula.... it would get boring.... so what did they do....? they turned it into one giant, bloody soap opera... . complete with plot twists, crazy ties between characters, an implausable storyline, and just all out drama.... despite how negative that sounds.... i don't mean it in that way.... i love to watch movies with sequels.... to see the characters grow and change.... and when the series maintains its level of quality throughout all the movies, that's rare.... and even though it might not be cool to say you like the 'Saw' movies anymore, i do.

if you're a fan of the first 6 movies, then you can't go wrong with part 7.... i know they say this is the 'Final Chapter', but there's still room for more sequels.... i don't know if that's the plan, however the option is open....
the storyline continues right where the last movie left off.... there's several traps and more twists and turns to possibly confuse or expand the world James Wan created.... i gave this 4 out of 5 stars.... it's just a good time all the way around and i love to watch these movies in order so i can see the progression.... and i suggest if you haven't done that before, you should try it.... they all tie together so neatly and all the actors remain consistant throughout the series, so there is continuity the whole time.... my final thoughts....? a solid possible end to a franchise that never seemed like it was going to be a franchise in the first place.

if you like this movie, watch all the other 'Saw' movie.... hopefully you don't start with the last one first....

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