Friday, February 25, 2011

my brief thoughts on.... 'The Expendables'

what person, that was alive in the 80's, did not cream in their jeans when they heard about this movie....? it was like a class reunion for all your favorite action stars from the last 3 decades.... the movie was in production a long time and was teased for years.... when it finally was in post production, the hopes were high for the possibility of the best action movie ever made.... or at least one of the most satisfying.... i think that since its release, it has garnered a lot of praise.... i just don't know how much of that was for nostalgia's sake and how much was honest praise for the movie itself.... either way, i had to wait until it hit DVD to watch it.... i was one of those fanboys that was really excited about this.... Sylvester Stallone has been doing good things recently.... Dolph Lundgren was due to be back on the big screen, as well as Jet Li.... Jason Statham is a bit oversaturated right now, but as a supporting role it took some pressure off of him.... Mickey Rourke is always good.... Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Roberts, Steve Austin, Terry Crewes, and Randy Coture.... a fun list of folks.... so what did i think....? first, the plot....

a group of ragtag hired guns are sent to overthrow a South American group.... when they get involved, they find out there is a lot more going on then what was originally expected.... things start blowing up after that....
i gave it a 3 out of 5 star review.... i liked it, but it wasn't amazing.... maybe my hopes were so high that nothing could ever match them....? i had fun.... it just seemed to be your run of the mill action movie.... nothing new, nothing special.... seeing all those guys was entertaining.... the story was a re-hash of other stories already told.... the action was mediocre.... it just felt like something you've seen before, but with new faces.... i guess it accomplished what it set out to do.... it was designed to be a vehicle for Stallone and his friends to get together and play action her for a while.... everybody was given the chance to shine.... a good one-liner.... to blow something up.... to play against type.... i think that's all you really could have wanted.... maybe on a rainy day in the future i'll watch this again and find out that i was missing the point and i'll fall madly in love with it.... who knows....? all i do know is that Mickey Rourke stood out with his over the top performance.... and that Dolph Lundgren proved that he's still a menacing bad ass that will kick your in the butt if you mess with him.... i think i'm going to go watch 'The Golden Girls' now to get some of this testosterone out of my system.

other action movies starring some of the cast: 'One Man Army', 'Rambo', and 'Crank 2'

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  1. This movie realy let me down. Nothing about it was any good. The fighting was so fast cut that you didn't see anything. The explosions were so big that they just looked fake. And I know that action heroes can sometimes escape situations that mere mortals can't, but come on... All the shit that happened in the final battle scene, not remotely believable.