Monday, February 7, 2011

my brief thoughts on.... 'The Human Centipede (First Sequence)'

if you scroll down this page a bit, you'll find two reviews.... one for the 'August Underground' trilogy and one for 'Srpski Film aka A Serbian Film'.... if you have convinced yourself, based on what you've heard, that this movie is the most disturbing movie you'll see this year.... think again.... those two movies make this one look like a Disney take on 'Frankenstein'.... granted, Tom Six the director, created a very disturbing concept and pulled it off with amazing results.... and i can say that i've NEVER seen anything like this movie.... and the concept is nothing that i've ever considered in my wildest dilusions.... so hats off to him for making something that's not a remake or reboot.... it's proof that all the ideas aren't used up....

if you don't know about this movie.... the story involves two young women who run out of gas on the way out to party.... they go for help and end up at a home where the kind man inside lets them inside to use the phone.... instead, he drugs them and next thing they know, they're in his basement and being told that they're going to be turned into a giant centipede.... there's another man in the room with them, but he's soon killed as he just doesn't 'fit' with the others.... soon an Asian man is kidnapped and brought into the basement too.... he doesn't speak any english.... but that doesn't stop the kind man, who turns out to be a mad doctor of sorts, from explaining his diabolical plan.... he plans on attaching each one of them ass to mouth in a series where they create a centipede like creature with one digestive system.... as you can imagine, the first time the first link in the centipede has to, um, poop.... things get real.... and the second person in the group puts on an amazing performance that will make you as uncomfortable as you can possibly be during a movie.... and nothing is shown, it's all implied.... the rest just goes down hill from there....
they say that Tom Six has intended this to be a trilogy, with the next movie being 'The Human Centipede (Full Sequence)'.... i don't know if he can carry off two more movies, because this first one is a stretch.... but i'll admit he pulls it off and kept me interested the whole time.... and the man who plays the doctor, Dieter Laser, puts on an amazing performance that deserves a cult following.... he steals the show from the 3 part human centipede.... and it's worth it just to see him act.... i think if you can overcome your fear that's been created by over the top critics, you might just enjoy this little roller coaster of a ride.... granted, you can't unthink the things this movie makes you think.... as so much is implied and subtly hidden that it's so much worse because it's left up to your imagination.... and that's so much more powerful than any special FX that could have been created.... it's currently available OnDemand from Netflix or to rent as well.... think it over, it's something i don't regret in any way.... and i don't think you will either.... unless you have a weak stomach. (3 out of 5 stars.)

if you like this, watch: a daisy chain porno or 'The Human Sexipede (First Sequence)' (the XXX parody movie).... they're the closest things i can think of to sort of match up with this movie


  1. I was wondering when you'd review this, Joel. ;-)

    It was definitely one of those "something that has been seen cannot be unseen" kind of flicks, but yes I agree that the director proved that you don't need expensive FX to make the audience cringe.

    The ending (which I won't spoil) was also very good and sad in a way. I also agree that Dieter Laser made the film. I think he already does have a cult following in Germany.

  2. i'm so glad to hear from you again....!
    and that you're still reading. :)

    if Dieter is a cult following, i'll have to look into more of his films....

  3. Always reading, Joel :-)

    If you've ever watched the zany Sci-Fi show, Lexx... Dieter was on that. Most of his other work is German, obviously.

  4. I liked it. Wasn't as "unwatchable" as I thought it was gonna be. The girls are so annoying that you are just waiting for them to be "shut up." But there is some real tension in this movie. The scene in the poolhouse is one. A very intense escape attempt sequence. I was very into it.

    Much like I said about "Piranha" if you have taken the time to look the movie up, knowing what it is, then yes, you want to see it. If you think you probably don't but are just looking for confirmation, then ya, you don't.