Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Kick-Ass'

i had THE worst day.... and i was so happy when i came home and found 'Kick-Ass' in my mailbox from Netflix.... i made sure i got it the day it came out, because i wanted to see it since i first heard about it.... and let me just start by saying.... this movie does exactly what the title suggests.... it kicks ass....! it had bloody action, comedy, cool superheros, great storytelling, a good plotline.... everything that a superhero movie should have.... and with the new trend of making these movies for adults, not just for kids.... it brought this to a whole new level.... i thank god often for 'R' rated hero movies.... this wouldn't have been the same if it was PG or PG-13.... not the same at all.... and i was so happy to see my heroine from 'Witchblade' Yancy Butler in a minor role.... it floored me.... but that was just an added bonus.... everyone else in the movie was perfectly cast.... right down to Nicolas Cage.... for once he made sense as an action hero.... which i think is the way he's been trying to go for years now.... but with not much success.... they made the hero's costumes realistic.... something that someone could actually make and wear if they wanted.... granted their are people running around in this world dressed as superheros and doing good deeds (look it up on the net').... but nothing quite like this i think.... or if they are, they're pretty quiet about it....

our hero, Kick-Ass, is just another faceless kid in high school who longs for something more.... he's a comic book loving bit of a geek kind of guy.... who dreams about his fantasy girl.... oogles his hot teacher.... jerks off a lot.... is on the internet constantly and yet it's not enough.... he wonders why no one has ever tried to be a superhero.... so he takes it upon himself to be the first.... granted, he's wearing a wetsuit.... but it looks pretty damn cool.... we see him go through the growing pains of becoming a hero.... and some pretty serious ones at that.... more so than most heros when they're starting out.... soon other heros begin to emerge and we find out that there's a bigger plot behind everything.... involving a major crimelord.... and throughout the entire movie we watch Kick-Ass go from zero to true hero.... and we see the reality of putting yourself in this position.... no candy coating here.... what i really enjoyed about this movie is the wide range of characters.... granted you find several stereotypes portrayed.... but what do you expect from this kind of movie....? and since this is based on a comic book, i think that's why it has such a rich storyline.... i just wonder what they had to leave out to make this fit into it's 2 hour time limit....? and they even left it open for a sequel (which is in the works already).... i loved this movie from start to finish and it ran the full range of emotions.... and never had a dull moment.... it almost makes you want to become a hero yourself.... granted, after seeing what happens to the heros in this movie, i'm not sure it's the wisest move.... you'll find out what i mean.... unless you've already seen it.... i'm just glad that i finally had the chance myself to see it....

i give this a strong 4 out of 5 stars for originality and grit.... it's what 'Spider-Man' could have been if he didn't have super powers and was just Peter Paker in a suit without the special abilities and the movie was 'R' rated.... this one will be added to my DVD collection as soon as money floats into my hands and i can afford it.... between this and 'Watchmen', it's renewed my faith in the genre.... granted i'm leaving the 'Dark Knight' out of the mix here.... and i probably shouldn't.... i think it helped to open a lot of doors for the darker superhero movies.... and i'm sure they're more to come.... as a matter of fact, i know there is.... in summary, if you haven't seen this already.... you're missing out.... it's got something for everyone and i can't say enough good things about it.... i've already got it in the Netflix envelope, but i think i may just hang on to it a bit longer so i can watch it again.... yes, it's that good.... plain and simple, it kicks ass.

if you like this, watch: 'The Dark Knight', 'Watchmen' and 'Punisher: War Zone' (although none of these are funny.)


  1. Hi Joel!
    Thanks for the review. I value your opinion and try to read your reviews as much as I can. This movie DID NOT attract me AT ALL. Every time I saw a preview for it (not to mention the title makes me cringe...), I rolled my eyes and said..."great another suckfest." Having said that and then reading your review, I will give it a chance. We have multiple things in common that we both like...so I probably will like this movie. Keep up the great work!


  2. Hey Joel,

    I had the same opinion as Heather about the flick. I thought it was gonna be another of those horrible spoof films like the Friedberg and Seltzer flicks (Why do they keep making those piles of crap anyways?), but after all the good things I've heard I'll probably rent it as well.

    Thanks for the review. :-)