Monday, August 30, 2010

my brief thoughts on.... '2012'

Roland Emmerich is all about things that are BIG.... the majority of his movies over the last decade have all been over the top disaster movies or monster movies.... complete with huge explosions and big time special effects.... but not a whole lot otherwise.... so when i sat down to watch this, i was expecting more of the same.... granted, i enjoyed 'The Day After Tomorrow'.... this one was very similar to that, but on a MUCH bigger scale.... MUCH bigger.... hell, this was the end of the world....! and for some reason John Cusack has the amazing ability to survive it.... (or so it would seem.... i don't want to give away the end.)....

as we all know, supposedly the Mayan's predict the end of the world in 2012.... and that's the whole premise of this movie.... although they put some movie science behind it.... and give it a rhyme an and a reason.... it's still the end of the world.... and the governement has been given a 3 year warning by scientists to come up with a plan to save who they can.... and we see this slowly come together, but don't 100% know the true plan until we reach almost the end of the movie.... during the course of all of this, we have the subplot of several other characters who we're supposed to relate to so we have a tie into the story.... soon all hell breaks loose and the special effects guys take over....
this movie isn't the worst thing i've ever seen.... it was entertaining.... it gave you the goods effects wise.... the story was simple and easy to follow.... it's not going to go down in history as a classic of American cinema or anything.... but i felt that 3 out of 5 stars was a fair rating.... it's a big budget popcorn movie.... and something that would be fun to watch in the theater.... but anything more than a 2 and a half hour puff piece would be giving it too much credit.... watch if you want to.... however, i would necessarily recommend it.

if you like this, some other Roland Emmerich films: 'The Day After Tomorrow', '10,000 B.C.' and 'Godzilla' (1998)

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