Thursday, August 12, 2010

my brief thoughts on.... 'Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs'

the third in the series of "in-between" 'Futurama' movies.... they just kept getting better and better.... and this one hits all the notes.... the plot may be a bit simpler to explain, but that doesn't mean it's a simple movie.... it's funny, creative and i really enjoyed it alot.... i wish i hadn't waited so long to see it.... there's a lot going on and a lot of the movie is subversive and sublime.... but it still hits you over the head with the obvious sexual overtones....

a giant tear in space threatens the earth.... the Planet Express team investigates.... soon Fry ends up going into the tear on his own and brings back a million tentacled creature that begins to overtake the planet.... but with love.... and not a regular love.... things get insane and it just gets funnier as the movie progresses....4 out of 5 stars.... a solid entry into the 'Futurama' lexicon.... it's tied with 'Into the Wild Green Yonder' as my favorite of the 4 movies.... and it makes me so happy that the series is back.... as this would have wetted my appitite and not made me full.... i highly recommend this for fans of the series.... you can't go wrong.

if you like this, watch: 'Into the Wild Green Yonder', 'Bender's Big Score' and 'Bender's Game'

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  1. I didn't much care for any of the 4 futurama movies. In fact, I fell asleep during 2 of them. Mostly due to being tired, not the movies themselves. These films seem to all suffer from their length. There is no clear direction so they just wander all over the place. But they are futurama and thy are funny. Its just that as the show progressed over 4 seasons, many of the characters became unlikable and the show went slowly downhill. Not the o ly truly funny characters left are Bender and Fry. Still funny, but much like Family Guy I kinda wish They never brought it back and just let the originals stay great on their own.