Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my brief thoughts on.... 'nbt: Never Been Thawed'

"This year's 'Napoleon Dynamite'." hardly.... entertaining....? somewhat.... i'll give it originality points.... and a few subtle laughs.... but nothing to write home about.... it's 100% low budget.... it's obvious it was someones pet project.... and i'm sure they're pretty proud of it.... however, i just didn't care for it too much.... or maybe i just didn't get in on the joke....? i don't know....

the basic story revolves around frozen entree collectors.... one's who are so obsessed that they have multiple stand alone freezers in their homes and apartments.... they wait patiently for the newest releases of the dinners and get them as soon as they come out.... there's also a subplot about one of the collector's having a Christian rock band that he converted from a non-Christian band just to try and make it big.... this bit lends itself to some funny moments, especially the little concert they have at one point where they're swearing while playing songs about God.... all of these stories lead up to the frozen entree convention that they've been planning for a long time....
i think 2 out of 5 stars is all this deserves.... like i said, it has a few moments of fun.... but overall it's not all that exciting and kind of a mess.... i wouldn't really recommended it other than for the novelty factor of the script itself.... how many movies have you seen about frozen food and Christian rock....? i can only think of one.... anyway.... watch it if you want.... maybe you'll get the joke.... but i missed the boat on this one i think.

if you like this: there isn't much else to compare it to, it's in a league of its own

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