Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my brief thoughts on.... 'Sex Drive'

James Marsden has come a long way in his brief career.... and his most recent passion seems to be comedy.... and i have to admit, he's damn funny.... and between him and Seth Green, they made this movie well worth the time to watch it.... James plays a "Stiffler" like character from 'American Pie' and plays it well.... Seth Green plays a non-average Amish man.... but i haven't even mentioned the actual cast or plot yet.... and the cast, although most are unknown, are perfect.... there's so many things about this movie to love.... and to think i passed it over for a long time.... but when it showed up OnDemand i couldn't resist anymore.... not too mention, i think the guy in the donut suit is a big selling point all on it's own.... and he's hilarious in his opening scene in the mall.... let's just say giant penis and a moving mouth.... you'll understand when you see the movie.... i laughed out loud....

a teen meets a girl online and decides to travel cross country to meet her.... so he drags a couple of friends along, steals his brothers car and heads out.... along the way lots of goofy stuff happens.... as it always does on road trips and road trip movies.... and when he finally meets the girl, all hell breaks lose and let's just say the donut costume re-appears and a gun is involved.... it's genius....all the way around this is a pretty damn funny movie.... if you like teen sex comedies, then this is one for you to watch.... i gave it 4 out of 5 stars.... and i would watch it again and probably pick it up for a few bucks at Target, once it makes the cheap DVD shelf.... (which it will).... if i haven't convinced you to watch it yet, then at least reconsider for the sake of James Marsden.... he's worth the time.... merry christmas everyone....!

if you like this, watch: any of the 'American Pie' movies

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