Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my brief thoughts on.... 'American Zombie'

let me just start by saying this isn't your traditional shambling zombie movie.... or even your "BRAINS!" zombie movie.... these zombies are undead, walking, talking near humans.... as a matter of fact, you could barely tell they were undead unless you knew it.... it's an interesting premise to do this in a documentary style and to get some questions answered that you've maybe always wondered about.... it bothered me at first that they were normal talking people.... but they kind of explained it all by how there are 3 different kinds of zombies.... and each one functions at a different level.... the base level zombies are more of what we're all familiar with.... the next level can do basic things and work jobs, but aren't really high functioning.... and the highest level are basically human.... either way, over time i got used to it and just enjoyed the movie for what it was.... a mockumentary about zombies just trying to fit in and their annual gathering 'Live Dead'....

the plot involves several featured zombies and their different lives.... and it all leads up to the big gathering at the end.... it's hard to describe a plot to a documentary.... right....?all in all a worthwhile film.... 3 out of 5 stars.... for another take on an old theme, this my be for you.... just be prepared for something new.... i don't think i could enjoy a full length movie where the zombies are this human like.... i think the zombies in 'Return of the Living Dead' are about as verbal as i want them to get.... anyway.... check it out.... it's unique.

if you like this: call the director and ask them to make a sequel, because there isn't anything else quite like this.

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