Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Daybreakers'

i used to love vampire movies.... back in the day i lived for them.... but then i found zombies.... and i kind of fell out of love with the whole gothic horror thing.... but recently there has been a new crop of vampire movies that have begun to renew my interest in the genre.... like the masterpiece 'Let the Right One In'.... simply amazing.... now we come to 'Daybreakers'.... i'm a fan of Ethan Hawke as an actor, musician and writer.... i'm also a fan of Willem Dafoe.... he's got an amazing body of work.... so when i heard they were the primary cast in this film, it made me want to see it even more.... despite the vampire angle.... but the directors took such a different take on the whole theme that it's something new.... something fresh and in this genre.... that's not easy.... it's almost like everythings been done.... obviously, it hasn't.... i enjoyed this film so much that i watched it twice and it already has a spot on my DVD shelf and i don't even own it yet.... but i will.... and by now, i guess the secret is out that i really enjoyed this film....

the plot goes a little something like this.... in 2009 a vampire epidemic took over the world and the majority of the population turned.... and over the last ten years the humans have dwindled down to a very small percentage.... almost to the point of extinction.... as the vampires need to feed and haven't found another substitute for human blood.... some of the vampires feed on their own and themselves just to survive.... and with interesting results.... i never even thought of what would happen to a vampire feeding on other vampires before.... but these filmakers did.... Ethan plays a doctor trying to find a blood alternative.... and is doing it because he's sympathetic to the humans.... as a matter of fact, he never even wanted to be turned.... Willem plays.... well, that's a secret.... and Sam Neill plays the head of the corporation that Ethan works for and he's not a nice guy.... some humans show up starting a colony to save the population and then things get messy.... that's all i'm giving up plot wise....i didn't really love '30 Days of Night', but it had a unique premise and i gave it credit for that.... this movie was what i wanted that movie to be.... something unique that lived up to the hype.... this did that and more.... it's entertaining, action filled, thought provoking and bloody.... it has all the elements that a good vampire movie should have, but one that's in the future.... not the past.... and i think that's the final ingredient that makes this work.... the fact that it's almost presented like something that could happen.... 4 out of 5 stars.... a success of a film.... and one i recommend to the jaded vampire fan.... those who want to fall in love with the genre again.... granted, it's not 'Let the Right One In'.... but nothing could be.... but for what it is, it's pretty damn good....

if you like this, check out: '30 Days of Night', 'Let the Right One In' and 'Blood on the Highway'


  1. I really loved this one, though the science wasn't spot on in the movie it was close enough to be realistic. 2 fangs way out!

  2. you rule.
    that's why i love ya....!