Saturday, August 28, 2010

just my thoughts.... on my blog.

something i have to clarify, before all of think that all i watch is horror films.... (which some of you already do.).... i watch all kinds of movies, TV shows and other things.... a lot of which will never make it to my blog.... either because i've already seen the movie or written about it before on this blog or my old one.... or because it's a kids movie or something and i just never get the desire to talk about it.... or because it's television.... for some reason, writing about what i see on TV just doesn't excite me.... so what ends up here are the things that sparked some interest or that i think others will find interesting.... and so far that's proven true.... although i do catch flack for the abundance of horror films, but that's my bread and butter.... i love the horror genre.... i find it to be some of the most creative style of cinema out there.... not just the story line, but the creativity it takes to make one work.... it usually involves a lot of special effects, inventive creatures or killers that stand out from the rest.... a storyline that isn't stale.... and it frees up your mind to cleanse itself of all of the most basic fears we all have.... and many times horror films prove to be a metaphor for other things.... and we all need a release from the daily stress of the grind of life.... granted a good action flick or comedy or sci-fi movie will have the same effect.... but nothing beats a good scare or some raw agression.... besides, isn't it healthier to get it out via a character on the screen than in real life....?

perhaps at some point this blog will began to reflect more of the viewing habits i have.... as there is a list far longer than what you read here of what i see on a weekly basis.... i still won't write about something i've already written on.... but maybe i'll broaden my scope even more than i have.... as in case you haven't noticed, there has been a lot more variety in my reviews and even little things like this where i just talk about random things in my life.... hell, that's what a blog is good for.... spewing nonesense about yourself or pushing your opinions on others.... right....? only time will tell from here what direction i take, but i had to let the cat out of the bag that i secretly watch a whole lot more than i let on.... i mean, what do you think i do with all of that inbetween time....? granted i have a podcast, a family and a job.... but that still leaves many hours in the day for some good ole' entertainment....! so let me know what you think and maybe i'll branch out even more.... and now it's back to the cinema for me....


  1. Joel,

    I'm glad you're adding some other types of films to the blog, though I don't mind most of the horror flicks you do recommend on here. It's your blog, after all. ;-)

    I usually watch thrillers & high action films for the same effect.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. thanks Guenevere.... i always love hearing from you....!