Sunday, July 24, 2011

my very brief thoughts on.... 'George A. Romero presents: Deadtime Stories vol. 1'

Okay, this pains me to say.... but I've been coming to this realization for a while now. George A. Romero is not the best film maker, unless it's zombie films. Granted, this collection of three short stories was not directed by him, but he put his name to it. This "movie" is not good. It's dumb, pointless and redundant. There is nothing new or original about this. Sadly, George isn't the only one involved in this that I respect.... Tom Savini made the third installment in the story. His installment is the closest one to having any redeeming qualities.

*SPOILERS!*Story 1: A woman is searching for her husband in a jungle. At the very beginning you see her face, bloodied, talking to the camera. At the end, SURPRISE!, her head in the beginning was actually on a stake!!!! She was killed by the same headhunters who killed her husband. Story 2: A man gets turned into a scary ass merman thingy by a scary ass mermaid thingy. Dumb. Story 3: A woman has a son that is having problems. A priestly man comes to help. After a LONG drawn out story, we find out that the man is actually the original vampire who turned the boy into a vampire! WHOA! He kills him and then kills the mom. The End. Now you don't have to bother watching it.I'm sorry George. I love your films and you, as a person. However, like with many other projects you've stuck your name to as either creator or producer.... this wasn't good. It doesn't mean I've given up on you, it just means I'll be leary of future projects that aren't zombie related. This was barely 1 out of 5 stars. It is an example of someone not taking the time to read about what exactly they were paying money for. Instead they just blindly gave money to someone to make this garbage. It's OnDemand, but that doesn't mean you need to watch it. Stay away.

Final note: vol. 2 is in the works. Sorry.

If you would rather watch a good anthology series, see: 'Trick r' Treat' or 'Creepshow'

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