Sunday, July 31, 2011

my thoughts on.... 'The Slammin' Salmon' aka 'Broken Lizard's the Slammin' Salmon'

(terrible poster, by the way.... it looks weird.... and Kevin Heffernan's character is only a waiter for the first 10 minutes, the rest of the film he's in a suit and tie as a manager.)

When I first saw 'Super Troopers', I really didn't know what to make of it. But like with any great cult classic, it grew on me the more I heard about it. Soon, I was a convert. I've since seen and purchased 'Super Troopers', 'Club Dread' and 'Beerfest'. I haven't seen their stand up DVD 'Broken Lizard Stands Up' or their first film 'Puddle Cruiser'. (I am a big enough fan to have Jay Chandrasekhar's 'Dukes of Hazard' remake in my queue) It's bee a while since I've heard anything from Broken Lizard, but I recently came across one of their newest films, 'The Slammin' Salmon'. It has all of the regulars of Broken Lizard and their extended family. It feels and has the comic sensabilites of all of the others. I guess what I'm saying is, "I loved it!" I won't pull any punches with this review, it holds up to all of the other films they've made a 4 out of 5 star classic. Michael Clarke Duncan is a great addition, as well as a special appearance by Lance Henriksen.

The storyline from "When a boxer turned restaurateur (Michael Clarke Duncan) announces a contest to his waitstaff, the good news is that the winner will get a $10,000 bonus. The bad news? The loser will be on the receiving end of a heavy-duty smack-down at the hands of the champ himself." What they fail to mention is that the contest is based on the fact that Michael Clarke Duncan needs the restaurant to make $20,000 in one night to pay off a debit and the only way to motivate the staff is to offer his prize. The math is obviously a little fuzzy for him. There is a lot of other stuff going on throughout the night and even though it feels a bit like the classic 'Waiting...', it's still a great flick and one I want to own.I really don't know what else to say that I haven't already said. Did I mention that Morgan Fairchild is in the film? Did I also mention that there is a lot of use of the phrase 'Mother F#$ker' by Michael Clarke Duncan?

What's really great about this film is how it blends the comedy into the storyline in even doses so you can enjoy it just as a film as well as a comedy. There's also a lot of subtle stuff going on that makes it re-watchable. If you don't catch it all on the first go around, you might get it on the next. It's like that with all of their films. I'm kind of guessing that this might not be the film for everyone, just like 'Club Dread' wasn't. I recommend you watch it and see for yourself. It's avaiable to rent from Netflix now and I'm returning my copy tomorrow, so you should be able to get it by Tuesday or so.

The only drawback of the film, lots of fish being served in the restaurant and I don't really dig on fish too much.

If you like this, check out 'Super Troopers', 'Beerfest' and 'Club Dread'

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