Thursday, September 2, 2010

my brief thoughts on.... 'Operation: Endgame'

once again.... a couple of quick notes about this poster.... 1) the movie should be called 'Project: Endgame' as that's the way it's referred to in the movie.... not 'Operation: Endgame'.... 2) there are a LOT of guns in this movie poster.... and let me say that only one gun is fired in the movie and it's nothing like any of the ones featured in the poster.... this is hugely misleading or false advertsing.... as i was expecting something like 'The Tournament' and got nothing like that.... all the weapons used are improvised.... anyway.... that being said.... that was a major gripe with this movie.... the poster.

this movie has a huge cast of comedians and a few action stars.... (as you can see from the poster).... Rob Corddry being the coolest of the bunch.... he should make an actual action flick.... i'd pay to see it.... his character is by and large the most likable character in the movie.... this movie is enjoyable to watch, but kind of falls short on overall plot.... i mean, the plot is interesting enough, however i just don't know how much i care about it overall as there are so many characters to follow and a lot of plot to shove into a small amount of time.... i mean the movie has a less than 1 and a half hour running time.... this really needed 2 hours to make it work.... i really wanted to get into some of the other characters.... as there was some good strong bases to build on.... just too damn short.
the plot centers around two groups of government agents who aren't really friendly.... both are overseen by a man by the name of the 'Devil'.... and all of their codenames are based on tarot cards.... nobody uses their own names.... it's the first day for an agent named the 'Fool'.... and during his first day the 'Devil' is killed and soon the two groups realize that the 'Project: Endgame' program had been started.... which meant that the entire complex was going to be vaporized.... so the two groups team up with each other and soon it's dog eat dog.... as they slowly began killing each other.... so you never want to get to attached to any main character, because they may not last long.... and during all of this, they're trying to find a way out....

this movie had so much potential.... but it was all wasted on a short running time.... i don't know if money was an issue or just bad screenwriting.... but it ruined what could have been something pretty kick ass.... i just left the whole experience wanting more.... and it wasn't there.... not too mention the ending was a let down.... enough of it was interesting enough to give it 3 out of 5 stars.... but it was just barely 3 stars.... i can't say i would push you to run out and watch it.... however, i suppose it's a Saturday movie to kill time with.... maybe on cable or if it ever comes OnDemand.... other than that.... watch 'The Tournament' again....

the only other movie that i can relate this too is: 'The Tournament'

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