Sunday, September 12, 2010

just my thoughts.... on peoples judgements.

as some of you may or may not know.... depending on if you follow me on Facebook or not.... and if you don't, you should.... i've been catching a lot of hell on and off the Facebook page for my movie watching habits.... as all of you who are reading this also read my blog, you know my viewing habits.... it's a mix of genres, but i prefer horror.... i've also stated that not everything that i watch gets written about.... i don't write about the TV that i watch.... i don't write about movies that i watch that i've already seen and reviewed.... and it's an even blend between everything.... it's not all just horror, that would be boring.... and it's not all just one genre of any kind.... that's what's so wonderful about TV and cinema.... there's something for everyone and every mood.... and if you don't like what you see, find something else....! if it was all saturated with just one thing, no one would go and see movies or rent them or watch broadcast television.... people would probably read more books.... (which wouldn't be a bad thing.).... anyway, my point.... i've been catching hell lately for my love of the horror genre.... now that all comes about because i'm in the midst of the some mental issues which are being addressed by a psyche and a therapist.... whom BOTH know what i do in my spare time.... and probably know more about me than the majority of people that know me.... and they seem to have no problems with any of it.... so why the heck is everyone else playing armchair psyche....? they're not the ones who have to struggle every single day just to get the strength to go into a job which creates such panic that i have to take large doeses of meds to be able to function.... the amounts that would leave most people drooling.... yes, i have a severe anxiety disorder and depression.... but it's being treated and has been all along.... but when i come home to the safety of my living room....what the heck difference does it make what i watch....?!?! it's my time to get my relief and release from the daily shackles of my anxiety and just relax.... it's just that simple....

everyone needs that in their life.... we all need stress relievers.... and for me, it's watching something and writing about it.... it fills my quest for entertainment and my need to be creative.... is there something wrong with that....? i'm a 36 year old man.... i've lived long enough to make my own decisions and to do whatever i want.... i have a family that i support.... a life that i live.... and if i want to spend a little quiet time with Mr. TV, so be it....! and everyone comes down on horror so hard.... it serves a purpose.... just like comedy allows you the release of laughter and the joy of that.... or action allows you to live out your testosterone filled fantasy life.... or drama lets you have a good cry over other peoples problems so you can forget about your own.... horror allows you to face you fears.... the things that you fear the most in real life take on the persona of some fictional monster and you get the chance to face it and stare it down.... it releases that primal instinct that we all have to be strong and that we can deal with anything.... granted not any one particular genre is for everyone, but i don't go around saying, "You watch too many dramas and it's making you a big drama queen. You over react to everything and life is just one horrific disaster after another.".... that would be silly.... no one would do that.... but those of us who love horror are demonized and looked down upon because of our personal preferences.... and i bet that the majority of us in this category are more well adjusted then those in the other categories.... what's my point to all of this....? i just want it to stop.... you live your life, i'll live mine.... if we share an interest, then great! let's talk about it.... if i like something you do to, then great! let's talk about it.... but if you just here to bash me in the head for something that i love.... take a look in the mirror.... passing judgement on people, last time i checked, was wrong.... we're all here to live our lives how ever we please.... and to be happy.... as long as we're not hurting anyone else in the process then what's the problem....? so for those of you out there thinking you have all the answers.... please, keep them to yourselves.... if you don't like what i write about here, feel free to post a comment as to why you hated the movie or what i said.... free speech is welcome.... but don't brow beat me to death outside of this or in real life.... because for every finger you point at me, there's 3 more pointing right back at you.

end of story.


  1. I think you're doing just fine, Joel.

    Heck I got a comment myself the other day that for a woman I tend to watch and enjoy more "guy films" than "girl films" on average. So what? It's my personal preference and folks just have to deal with that.

    As long as you're happy and dealing with your life's issues as best you can... to hell with everyone else.

  2. that's what i think too....
    thanks for the support.

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