Monday, September 20, 2010

my brief thoughts on.... 'Isolation'

i remember the first time i saw the man eating cow in 'The Tick' comic book way back in the early 90's.... however, i never thought i'd see a movie that kind of portrayed that character in real life.... but this little Irish movie took that idea a bit and brought it to a whole different level.... granted there are no man eating cows.... but their are cows that kill.... and this ties together with the other review i put up here for 'Black Sheep' (2006).... it was my "Farmland Massacre" double feature.... right off the bat, i have to say that this movie is extremely well done.... it's old school special effects, no CGI.... it's a true creature feature like from the days of old.... the last one i saw that was similar to this was the movie 'Splinter'.... that's one of the reasons i give this movie a lot of props.... it was very gooey and gory and full of nasty bits.... all of it done by someone in a workshop.... not on a computer.... and i can really respect that.... it's just not done that much anymore.... and i also give this movie a lot of credit for originality.... i can honestly say that i've never heard of this premise, never seen anything similar, it's unique.... just for that reason it's worth it to watch it.... not too mention, the directing and cinematography and actors are great.... it's a very brooding and dark, gritty film.... and yes, it's about cows.

the story revolves around a single farmer who has agreed to have a cow of his experimented on by an outside group.... they're trying to create more fertile cows to increase production for milk, food, etc.... so basically the intentions are good.... however, something goes terribly wrong.... the cow that they're testing on is pregnant and the calf bites more than one person in utero and once it's out.... because of this, they have to kill the cow and eventually the mother.... but while examining the calf, they realize it was pregnant too.... soon after this, all hell breaks loose on the farm as people begin dying one after another.... it becomes a massacre....
i just happened across this movie on accident.... it was mentioned in a review for 'Black Sheep' (2006).... and was recommended as a follow up or tie in to the other movie.... and luckily it was OnDemand, so while i had 'Black Sheep' rented i could watch this one too.... i really recommend that you watch this.... as it's something you can see that's totally new.... it's a very fresh feeling movie.... i don't know why more people haven't heard of it.... it's one of those little gems that you have to hear about from word of mouth.... now, i've mentioned several times that there are cows and killing in this, but what does the killing is a cow in a way.... but it's something much more horrific in reality.... and the final act of the movie you really can feel the tension of the whole situation and it's got it's tense and scary moments.... it's a very effective movie.... and i tip my hat to the director and writer for creating such a tight little movie.... i gave it 3 out of 5 stars with a slight edging towards 4.... however, it may take another viewing before it pushes me over the edge.... you may think differently.... regardless.... add it to the queue and check it out.... maybe have some milk and cookies while watching it.

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