Monday, September 13, 2010

my brief thoughts on.... 'Broken'

i've just finished this movie and i can honestly say i have no idea how i feel about it.... it doesn't make "Saw look like a children's film." but it starts out pretty harshly.... and was hard to watch.... but the entire 2nd act is far from gut wrenching or disturbing.... it's a lot of washing of pots and pans and our heroine trying to escape from her captor.... i can say this about the movie.... i had no idea where it was going.... i mean, it seemed pretty cut and dry, but it never really let on how it would end.... so it did hold my attention.... and when another women joined the group as another captive, things got more interesting.... it just never reached any sort point or reason why we should bother watching it.... it's weird to feel that way about a movie.... but it's kind of the sense i got.... that i was just watching it because it was on and it wasn't really going anywhere specific.... i can honestly say that after finishing it, that the writer was dragging us along for this ride just so we could reach the ending.... it was just shocking enough and disturbing that it left you feeling like the wind got knocked out of you.... and maybe that was the point of the rest of the movie being so evenly paced.... so you get lulled into a sense of safety.... i don't know....

a person just listed in the credits as 'The Man' is hard at work putting women through a series of tortures to see how far they'll go.... and if they're worthy to ultimatly be his slaves.... you see more than one woman unable to take the torture.... but one woman is so determined to find her child that she's willing to do anything to live long enough to find out what The Man has done with her.... and this is no short period of time we're talking about.... nearly two months of being held captive and yet she holds on to hope that she'll escape and find out what happened or her captor will tell her something....
this movie got a lot of bad press for it's treatment of women and i see why.... the first 20 minutes are pretty hard to watch.... but if you've seen 'Saw' or 'Hostel', it's nothing you can't stomach.... but as you can imagine the woman gradually gains the power.... and it's no longer about women in bondage.... but as i said earlier on, do we really care in the end....? i can't say.... it's such a weird little movie.... it reminds me slightly of 'Wolf Creek', but without the non-stop horror.... this movie is more about the put coming to a boil.... anyway.... i gave it 2 out of 5 stars.... not something i would recommened.... and if you want to know the ending, drop me a line and i'll give it up to you.... so you don't have to sit through the rest.... this is mediocre at best.

other similar-ish movies: 'Wolf Creek', 'Saw' and 'Hostel'

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