Sunday, September 26, 2010

my brief thoughts on.... 'Air Guitar Nation'

i saw you playing air guitar.... you know you've done it.... i think we all have at some point.... but who knew there were championships for this....?!?! that it's nearly a sport....?!?! and that the world finals are held in Finland....?!?! i didn't know any of it before hearing about this on the radio when it first came out.... and i've been waiting to see it ever since.... and last night was the night.... it was OnDemand and ready to go.... it's a one of a kind documentary that you won't see any other documntary about.... it's fun.... and you'd think that they're poking fun at these people.... as the whole thing seems kind of silly.... but the joke wears off quick and you realize how seriously people take this "artform".... and by the end, you respect the guys for their 'airness' and wonder if you might be able to compete yourself.... the only real problem i would have with competing is having the balls to get before a large audience and pretend to play a guitar.... i think i'd be on the sidelines.... but hey, that's just me.... one side note on this, the 'sport' is growing.... so you'll probably be hering more and more about this as time goes on....

the movie centers around two competitors, Bjorn Turoque (Born to Rock) and C-Diddy.... it follows their rise among the different levels of competition all the way to the worl championships.... it also sheds a light on a subculture that most of us probably never even knew existed.... every character in the movie is interesting.... you want them to succeed and you get behind their journey.... i couldn't help but find myself cheering them on by the end of the movie.... and getting excited to see what kind of performance would come out of each person.... and they're from all over the world.... now the competition between the two main characters reminds me slightly of the movie 'The King if Kong'....
i don't know why anyone hasn't done a documenty on this before.... it seems to be a no-brainer.... who wouldn't want to see people pretend to play guitar in costmes and fake personas....? i knew i didn't think twice.... it's amazingly well done.... i'm suprised how fascinating the documentary filmakers made this.... i mean it's a sideshow all on its own.... but they took it to a whole different level.... i would even consider watching this one again.... it's just so much fun.... i gave it a high 3 out of 5 stars.... it's fantastic. go. watch. now.

the only other similar documentary is: 'The King of Kong'

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