Friday, July 30, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Film Geek'

it's been a slow month of reviews for me.... and sadly, i have a backlog of films to review.... so i may just have to review them in short to catch up.... however, this film caught me off guard and kind of pumped me up to write something.... so here i am.... this is one of those little diamonds in the rough.... something i stumbled across on Netflix OnDemand and decided to delve into.... and i was not sorry i did.... this is a gem of a movie.... one that is near and dear to my heart.... i mean, i used to work at a video store and at a record store and i have always considered myself a bit of a media geek.... all things entertainment.... and especially film.... so to see it represented in a film like this is refreshing and fun.... and i had no idea how they would carry an entire film around this character and his love of movies, but it's so well done that it kind of created a 'DUH' moment at the end.... it made me wonder why i second guessed it in the first place..... think of the first time you saw 'Clerks' and you'll get the idea.... this is kind of along those same lines.... but in color....

the story centers around a video store clerk who runs his own website and who knows all there is to know about film.... to the point of being annoying about it.... pushing too much of it onto the customers, the employees and anyone else who's in range.... and at first you feel that same sense of annoyance that they do, but gradually you come around to love him in a weird sort of way.... and you take up his plight of being a film geek in a world of merely movie watchers.... he soon meets up with a fellow film lover, who starts to broaden his horizons a bit and Scotty begins to grow a little.... granted, he never leaves his geekdom far behind.... i don't want to give away the whole plot as part of the joy is taking the journey with him.... but let's just say it's worth the price of admission....i gave this 4 out of 5 stars for being a great film for those whole love the medium and for those who just want to be entertained.... i can't say enough good things about this film and i highly recommend it to anyone with an hour and ten minutes on their hands.... it's worth it.... i don't know how easy it is to track down on DVD, but i'll be looking.... so stop reading and go watch.... NOW....!

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