Friday, July 30, 2010

my brief thoughts on.... 'Bones'

okay.... so who's great idea was it to cast Snoop Dogg as a horror villian....? and who's even better idea was it to set up this movie for a sequel....???? as you can already tell, i wasn't a big fan of this movie.... it's low budget.... they used the same blood George A. Romero used in 'Dawn of the Dead' (1978).... Snoop Dogg is not a great bad guy.... the special effects are piss poor.... and it was nothing special at all.... i did, however, watch the whole film from beginning to end and felt dumber for doing it.... i mean you can't go wrong with dogs vomiting maggots, right....?

the story goes like this.... Jimmy Bones is a pimp-ish guy from the 70's who is loved by his neighborhood, but isn't the cleanest guy on the block.... meaning he's in to drugs and illicit things.... kind of like a nicer mobster.... he soon finds himself at the hands of some guys who don't like him and they kill him and bury him in the basement of his home.... fast forward to the present.... the home is now haunted by the afformentioned vomiting dog and the ghost of Bones.... and anyone who sets foot inside is killed.... some young people buy the house to start a dance club with, you guessed it, horrible results.... lots and lots of maggots.... and death.... the witch doctor lady down the street gets involved, there's a fight and things happen that no one really cares about....
2 out of 5 stars.... almost 1.... i don't know what the boost in my rating is from.... there's not much good about this movie.... i think the only reason i kept watching was because i thought it might get better.... it didn't.... stay away from this one.... it's not worth your time.

if you watch this: it's your own damn fault.

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