Saturday, July 10, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'The Last Winter'

Ron Perlman and Kevin Corrigan.... how can you go wrong....? well, they did. this movie had me bored for the first 45 mins, intrigued for the next 15 mins and then feeling extremely let down and sad for the last 41 mins or so.... this movie is a waste of time and energy....

some oil drillers and some eco-activists are in Alaska's untapped wilderness possibly about to start drilling.... some weird stuff happens and some people die.... then some bad special effects occur and a big confusing ending.... sounds good, right....?
1 out of 5 stars.... a complete waste of my time.... and don't let it be a waste of yours.... please, listen to Uncle Joel.

if you submit yourself to this.... perhaps you should try: well, anything else.

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