Tuesday, July 6, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'The Crazies' (2010)

in George A. Romero's original film version of 'The Crazies' from 1973, he used the military as opposed to the actual "Crazies" to show how crazy the military actually is.... not nearly as much as the "Crazies" themselves.... in this 2010 update.... i don't think the producer, writer and director didn't seem to get that.... granted, i think that everyone wanted more of the actual "Crazies" in the original.... and me, personally, was kind of let down in the way it was handled by Mr. Romero.... i actually reviewed this movie already on this blog and let's just say that i didn't care too much for it.... and i'm a fan of his.... so when the trailers and previews for this movie seemed to indicate that they were making it more focused on the "Crazies" themselves, i was happy.... it looked more like a zombie movie or a plague movie.... like '28 Days Later'.... what we got instead was a watered down mixture of the military version from Romero's vision and the zombie-like victims of this version.... and the mixture didn't work.... it ended up just being kind of a big mess of a movie....

the story behind the infection and containment revolve around a plane crashing into the main water supply of a small town.... the plane contained a bio-chemical weapon that was headed to another location for destruction, but crashed instead.... and what happens next is the slow downfall of a community under the grasp of a horrific virus and the tight fisted grip of the military.... it's a total breakdown of society itself.... and as the military takes over the town to try and stop the spread of the virus, things get out of control.... and our heros must fight against all odds to save themselves and whatever they can of the town...

this isn't a terrible movie.... but it's also not great either.... even the lovely Radha Mitchell can only do so much to save this movie.... it's just a big mess.... i don't think it really knew what it wanted to be exactly.... and that shone through the entire movie.... granted there were some pretty darn creepy moments.... and some very tense ones.... and that made the movie worthwhile to watch.... but there just weren't enough of them to save the movie overall.... the scene in the schoolhouse with the man with the pitchfork is especially effective.... and probably one of the most powerful scenes.... and i've heard some complaints about the ending.... i think it was the best way to end it.... and without giving anything away, i think it made sense and gave a solid finish to the movie....

i give it 3 out of 5 stars.... which might be a bit generous.... but i felt that the good vs. the bad balanced themselves out pretty well.... would i own it....? maybe if it was a few bucks to help complete my Radha Mitchell collection.... but i don't know that i would make a strong effort to watch it over and over.... i just don't think it has that kind of staying power.... i would ask that you give it a chance.... you might dig it.... it's an improvement over the original, which is considered a classic.... i just expeceted more.

if you like this, check out: '28 Days Later', 'Quarantine' and 'Day of the Dead' (1985)


  1. Just watched it myself and I pretty much agree. It's like a bad zombie flick with not enough zombies crossed with a bad remake of "Outbreak." (the 1995 movie) Nothing was explained, not a lot about the virus, why ppl acted the way they did, or anything else. Why did the guy crash his pickup into the fence and let the crazies out? Why not show any of the insanity that followed? All we see is the aftermath, the burning town and dead bodies. Most ppl went crazy murderous, but the deputy went crazy heroic and made the ultimate sacrifice... not really "crazy" if you ask me, and completely out of character for "the sickness."

    I don't know... I guess it was really exactly what I was expecting. So I'm not too disappointed. I was hoping for a little more horror, less "ppl vs. military."

    I would recommend "Outbreak" insead. Yeah, it's not a horror movie, but this really wasn't either.

  2. 'Outbreak'.... ewwww.
    read 'The Hot Zone' by Robert Preston.... much better and ten times more scary....!