Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Sick Girl'

filmakers fascinate me.... as i've been on both sides of the lens, i find the whole process intriguing.... i've been director, cinematographer, screenwriter and actor.... finding a creative story and one that has the certain 'it' factor is rare.... this movie was one of those movies that got under my skin and despite it's shortfalls, it was still something unique.... maybe the story wasn't original in all aspects, but it just didn't matter.... i fell in love right away.... now you may find that disturbing once you see the film.... however, there's just something about it.... before i get on the review.... this movie is not available OnDemand on Netflix, but it's available to download and was one of those strange movies i just stumbled across while messing around on the Netflix site.... (a daily thing i do.).... needless to say, the title is not just a way to get your attention.... it really describes the film and it's star.... Leslie Andrews.... who is hypnotizing to watch....

Izzy and her little brother basically live on their own after their older brother goes off to Iraq.... their friend Benny watches over them as much as he can, but he has a life of his own and isn't always there.... neither of them know what Izzy is really up to.... she has a violent streak a mile wide and has very little pity for anyone and i mean anyone.... the movie opens with Izzy doing something nasty to a nun, doing something nasty to a schoolbus full of kids and then does something nasty to two random boys on the road.... that's just in the first 10 minutes.... it just gets worse from there.... as she continues on her silent rampage across her small town totally unknown to anyone except her victims.... that's all i'm going to say.... the rest just needs to be seen.
this is not a gentle film.... it's not heartwarming or at least not for long.... it's wrong on many different levels but there's some kind of poetry to it.... something i can't quite explain.... i'm sure you'll all think i'm nuts once you see it.... i just couldn't get enough of the film.... and i sent it right back this morning, as i wanted to remember it fondly and watch it again after it has time to settle.... i'd like to even own it, if i can ever find it anywhere.... perhaps on Amazon.... it blends a lot of different genres.... and some people may equate it with torture porn, but that's a genre definition that i don't agree with.... i think it's bogus and in this film it doesn't hold any more true than any other "torture porn" movie.... granted there are horrific things done to all ages of people.... but it has a point.... it just shows how truly disturbed our anti-hero Izzy is.... and she's pretty damn messed up....

after it ended i automatically gave it 4 out of 5 stars.... the only real drawbacks are some of the low production values.... but it's a low budget film.... so i can forgive the drawbacks of a lack of money.... the story is so strong and the characters so interesting that i couldn't take my eyes off of it the whole time.... and i wanted the experience to never end.... from the hard hitting beginning all the way to the gut punching ending.... it grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go.... plain and simple, i loved it.... so if anything i've said catches your interest at all.... go out and rent it asap and let me know what you think.... but you have been warned, it's not for the faint of heart.... 'Sick Girl' is film going experience, not a movie to casually just watch.

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