Thursday, June 10, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Seed'

so my Uwe Boll fest continues.... as i feel it's only fair to judge the man on several of his films rather than to just judge him on just one.... and based on 'House of the Dead', i would hate him if that was the case.... my next movie was this little indie serial killer fest called 'Seed'.... i had low expectations.... but not as low as before i saw 'Rampage'.... the only name in this movie is Michael Pare.... who isn't really much of a name anymore.... but he does a good job as the policeman hot on the heels of Max Seed, the most prolific serial killer in history.... or that's what Uwe leads you to believe.... there's blood a plentry and lots of gore.... the only real problem i had from the get go was that they used animal cruelty videos in the beginning and middle to show the inhumanity of man.... and the videos were provided by PETA, so you can imagine how horrible they are.... i can handle all of the gross stuff in the movie, but the real horrors made this hard to watch.... especially those involving dogs.... i felt this wasn't necessary.... but i guess Mr. Boll did.

as i mentioned before, Max Seed is an extremely busy serial killer.... over the years he's murdered too many people to count.... and the stories of his exploits are legendary.... Michael Pare is the cop out to catch him.... and based on a tip they get, they go out to an old farmhouse on a road that has no name and isn't even on the map.... one by one, Seed kills off the policemen until Michael finally subdues him.... he's thrown in jail and sentenced to die.... for some reason they let him continue to wear his mask in jail.... but whatever.... eventually they submit him to the electric chair.... however the chair is subpar and the law states that if you electrocute a man three times for 45 secs a piece and he doesn't die, he goes free.... after 2 attempts, Seed doesn't die.... they pretend he's dead rather than take the chance on a third failed attempt.... and instead they bury him alive.... within hours, he's free from his underground prison and returns to kill everyone was involved with his execution....
i wouldn't call this a classic slasher.... and i wouldn't rate it as high as 'Rampage'.... it just fell short in so many areas.... and the PETA footage brought it down to an extremely low level.... it has it's high points.... some of the scenes are above average.... however the bad outweighs the good.... therefore i don't know that i would recommend it to fans of the genre.... it's depression, disgusting and not to well written.... i don't feel sorry that i watched it.... there are just some things that can't be unwatched.... and this almost ranks up there with something i wish i didn't watch....

all in all.... 2 out of 5 stars.... so far the count for Uwe is 2 bad movies and 1 good one.... i have one more movie on the hit parade called 'Stoic'.... and it's gotten pretty good reviews.... so i have my hopes up for a decent prison flick.... not too mention it has Edward Furlong in it.... so it can't be all bad.... but until then, i need something directed by Rob Zombie to wash the taste of this movie out of my mouth.... no seal of approval for 'Seed'.... none at all.

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