Friday, June 18, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Babysitter Wanted'

i've been hearing about this movie for a while now.... and i was awaiting it's arrival on DVD.... finally it showed up.... and last night i was able to sit down and soak it all in.... now you may think this is just another 'When A Stranger Calls', but it's so much more.... i enjoyed this movie from the credits to the credits and everything inbetween.... it had just the right amount of creepiness, suspense, blood, gore and good actors that it all belnded almost perfectly.... it feels like i'm constantly heaping praise on so many movies.... but i've gotten so lucky lately and seen some really amazing films.... so once again, here i go.... but before you think this is another 'The House of the Devil'.... let me tell you that it's not.... although there are similarities, they are 100% different films....

an 18 year old devout catholic girl named Angie, heads off to community college to study art histroy.... once she gets there she realizes she needs to earn some extra money in order to survive.... so she takes a number for a babysitting job out at a farmhouse far away from the college out in the boonies.... the couple are extremely nice and their son is a little shy, but takes a liking to Angie and she gets the job.... in the meantime, Angie meets a good upstanding Christian boy and they soon start to date.... she also begins to notice that someone seems to be stalking her and that there has been a rash of dissapearances around the area of young girls.... afraid that she might be next on the list, she goes to the local sheriff, played by Bill Moseley, and tells him her fears.... he gives her his card and off she goes.... the first night of babysitting arrives and during her time at the house she begins to notice strange things and soon the supposed stalked breaks down the door to the house and that's where the movie really gets started....
this film has a few well placed twists and turns.... some excellent timing and everything is just so well done.... that you don't see what's coming right away.... unless you read a lot of reviews for the movie ahead of time.... (which i don't recommend).... it's so much nicer to just let this movie unfold before your eyes.... to see what Angie sees and to learn what she learns in real time.... it makes this so much better of a movie.... and to experience this the way that the director intended, i would ask you to rent this on blind faith and just trust your Uncle Joel.... knowing too much ahead of time is not always a good thing.... oh one little detail i'll let slip.... Bill Moseley plays a good guy....!

once again, this was a no brainer and 4 out of 5 stars was well deserved.... this is the reason i love horror films.... it has all the elements that prove why this genre is so popular, but still a bit taboo.... it's not available OnDemand just yet, so you'll have to rent it.... but Netflix has it and i'm sure most popular video stores will carry it too, if they have any brains at all.... Blockbuster, i'm looking at you.... i know i usually inform you if i'll be including a film in my DVD collection and that kind of serves as my ultimate seal of approval.... and yes, this one will be included someday.... i can't wait to watch it again.... to see Angie's character arc.... it's more than worth the price of admission just to see that change.... i'm off to my babysitting job now.

if you like this, check out: 'When a Stranger Calls' (either one), 'The House of the Devil' and 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

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