Monday, June 7, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'The Road'

from the first time i heard about this movie, i wanted to see it.... i love people against overwhelming odds type movies.... especially in a world that's basically ended.... and when i heard about the cast involved, i wanted to see it even more.... then i heard who it was written by.... and that clinched it.... so tonight i finally got the chance to sit down and absorb this film.... it's not a movie, it's a film.... there is a difference.... and from the opening credits i was hooked and on the edge of my seat.... for the entire film i felt uncomfortable and could feel the actual tension in the scene.... it was a long time since i've had that happen with a film.... it's a credit to the director, who created the reality that i was able to live in for nearly 2 hours.... already you can tell that i loved this film.... but i don't know that it's a film that i could watch on a regular basis.... it's just so raw.... and it touches on many nerves on many different levels....

as the storyline goes, the world has basically been destroyed by some unknown forces.... of which we never really find out what they were or are.... but the earth is destroyed and the only people that are left are all fighting for their lives.... many having resorted to cannibalism.... Viggo Mortensen plays the father of a boy, his son, that he's taking across country to go south.... in an effort to find a better life.... it was his wifes last wish before she commited suicide.... (maybe i shouldn't have said that.).... we the viewer, follow the two along in their cross country journey.... along the way they meet good and bad people alike and it's so well done that you begin to believe that this world actually exists.... it's an amazing story that's very well told.... the acting in this film is top notch and whever they shot the film is so realistic.... but i've already said that too many times as it is.... don't expect Guy Pearce, Robert Duvall or Charlize Theron to be in the film too much.... they have important rolls, but the movie is not about anything more than a father and sons journey.... it makes you wonder what you might do if you were in the same situation.... i know that i've thought about the doomsday scenarios and i think if i was by myself that would be one thing.... but if i had to protect not only myself but my family too, it's a frightening prospect and one i hope i never have to face.... whether it be 2012's end of the world or a zombie outbreak.... let's hope none of it ever comes to reality and that we all die a comfortable death, quietly in our sleep....

i have no hesitation giving this 4 out of 5 stars.... the ending was a bit too neat.... it felt like it ended too soon.... and it was all wrapped up to easily.... i could have used a bit more exposition.... however, the rest of the film is so strong that it doesn't effect the overall experience i would not turn people away from seeing it over that.... actually, quite the opposite.... i highly recommened this film to anyone and everyone.... it's a rare example of filmaking that we don't see much anymore these days.... so rent it or buy it asap and let me know what you think.... i personally intend on adding this to my collection.... so i can re-enter that world whenever the spirit moves me.... if for nothing else but to remind me to be thankful for what i have.

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  1. This movie depressed the shit out of me. I had very high hopes and I love Viggo M. He is one of the few actors that I will watch no matter what he is in. But he's always in good stuff, so...

    But I don't know. This movie was beyond bleak. Sometimes it's good to convey the desparation and despair, but I think this went just a little too far. I was honestly depressed after this. But then agian, it is probably the most accurate protrayal of a nuclear holocaust as you are gonna get.

    Just one more reason that if I ever get word that the missles are on their way, I'm driving *towards* the city.