Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Severed: Forest Of The Dead'

it's late.... you're in the mood for some zombie killin' and stompin'.... you see that Netflix has this movie called 'Severed: Forest Of The Dead' available OnDemand.... and this peaks your interest.... then you read the description:

"When a forestry company's profit-driven decision to genetically engineer trees goes horribly wrong, a mismatched group of loggers and environmental activists become ravenous flesh-eating zombies. And although a few uninfected survivors remain, their chances of getting out of the wilderness alive are as remote as the forest itself. An ensemble cast stars in this undead gore fest that makes a run-in with a wood chipper seem tame."

sounds like it might be interesting, right....? well, that's where you'd probably be wrong.... not that it's not without some charm.... and i'm sure the people that worked on the film, worked real hard.... it's just too bad that it's all a big mess.... just look at it this way.... tree huggers + loggers + zombies + corporations = craptastic results....
i gave it a very generous 2 out of 5 stars.... it was fairly boring.... the story held little to no interest.... the message, if there was one, about conserving the forest was lost on me.... the kills were mediocre.... the acting was sub par.... the special effects were probably the high point.... but that's about it.... it was a big mess of confusion and blood....

unless you're REALLY bored and in need of a zombie fix.... stay away.... watch 'Dead Snow' instead.... it's OnDemand too and has Nazi zombies.... and who doesn't love a good Nazi zombie movie....? damn it....! i tell you no one doesn't enjoy seeing Nazi zombies blow up.... no one.

oh and one more thing about 'Severed: Forest Of The Dead'.... the ending sucked.

if you enjoy this movie, check out: 'Dead Meat', 'Hide and Creep' and 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things'

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