Saturday, June 11, 2011

an experiment from years ago.... about 2005.

I have always loved the mixture of words and art. Not always just in comic books, but in art that hangs in museums. I tend to carry that love into my own art. I usually include words in a lot of my paintings. I don't know why it's always intrigued me, but I think it always will. I also love poetry and writing stories. I wondered what it would be like to mix the two into a sort of 'un-comic'. In reality, it really was just a comic book of sorts. It tells a story, it has pictures and it's laid out basically the same. The pictures here are found on the net', the words are my own fiction and the idea was just to create a visual to go with the emotion attempted in the writing. Just add music and I'd practically have a film or animated short. Anyway, it only was a one off thing and I never tried to do it again. It was a lot of work and maybe I'll do it again in the future.... we'll see. I just thought I'd share it with you all just to break up the regular flow of movie reviews. Perhaps if you dig a little variety, I'll try and throw other odds and ends in at a later date. Let me know! That is all.

NOTE: The words and feelings are real, however the story being told is fiction. Only pieces of it were taken from real life and expanded for effect.

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  1. You're right... There's more to life than movies Joel! I like the collage. How's the job going? Not much time left for anything else I bet. You said you liked zombies. Did that include feeling like one?