Saturday, May 15, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Pandorum'

i cannot express the joy i get when i find a diamond in the rough.... when you stumble across a film that takes you by suprise and turns out to be so much more than you could have ever hoped for.... this is one of those rare films.... i had never even heard of this before i ran across it in the new OnDemand movies on Netflix.... the plot sounded interesting, the actors involved were good and it got a pretty high rating.... when it started, i noticed that one of the producers was Paul W.S. Anderon, who's done some excellent films in his day.... i knew it was going to be a bit more than i originally had expected.... as he doesn't make crap.... i wasn't wrong.... the film is so much more than what the small blurb explaining the plot lets on.... this movie is grand in scope, despite it's humble beginnings.... it's like a pot of water that starts out cool and slowly builds to a boil and then boils over the top of the pot and hisses on the stovetop.... i can't say enough good things about it.... there are very few moments that this movie showed weak spots....

two crewmen on a spacecraft wake up from hypersleep and have no idea who they are, where they are or what their mission is.... slowly the storyline creeps along as we find out in small doses exactly what the characters are finding out.... it's like you're another member of the crew with the same issues.... i don't want to give away too much of the plot as it's so much more enjoyable to just see what happens on you're own.... regardless, it's WELL worth the time for you to invest in this as it's an excellent film that should have gotten a lot more notice than it did.... what i mean is that more people need to know about this film. i'm gushing at this point and i don't care.... i loved this movie so much.... it had everything that i wanted in a hard sci-fi film.... excitement, blood, intrigue, cool weapons, a nifty spaceship, a great storyline, well thought out characters and an excellent script.... this movie has so much going for it, it's silly.... at this point i think i've built it up too much.... so please don't go into this expecting the next 'Matrix' movie or 'District 9'.... go in with no expectations and you'll be rewarded greatly.... it's just that simple.... watch this movie.

4 out of 5 stars.... almost 5 out of 5.... i will be adding this one to my DVD collection at some point and look forward to taking the roller coaster ride again.... it's just a shame that i can't experience it with the same set of fresh eyes i had last night.... however, i think it will stand the test of time and will hold up over the years.... so add this to your queue.... grab a bucket of popcorn and a Coke and settle in for a thrill ride.... because that's exactly what'll you'll get as your reward for listening to this humble reviewers advice.... if i'm wrong, i'll give you your money back.... (good thing it's free.).... just enjoy it and thank me later.

if you like this, watch: 'Sunshine', 'Event Horizon' and 'Pitch Black'


  1. I did not like Event Horizon, but you make a convincing case here...

  2. I love Ben Foster in everything he does and this was no exception. Phenomenal movie to say the least.