Thursday, May 13, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Infection'

i like my J-Horror just as much as the next guy.... but they're always hit or miss.... when they hit, they REALLY hit.... but when they miss.... they miss.... i came into this movie with no expectations and no real knowledge of the storyline.... it just seemed to intrigue me.... and sometimes those are the best experiences at the movies.... when you just come into it blank.

the storyline is that a man who's bleeding out from the inside is being rushed to the nearest hospital that will take him.... but no one seems to want to take him in.... the only hospital that is even remotely close to where the ambulance is, happens to be a hospital on the brink of shutting down.... they're running out of supplies, the nursing staff is minimal at best and the doctors are all disgruntled.... but they decide to leave him there whether they want them to or not.... soon he bleeds out and they find out that the infection is spreading to all of them.... and that's where things get messy, literally.
overall, as a horror movie, it's got a lot of strong points.... it's very well done visually and the tension is built at a nice even pace.... you never know exactly what's going on and there always seems to be something strange lurking around every corner.... it's extremely well thought out by the director.... the story is somewhat interesting.... the characters are fairly well developed, but as with a lot of J-Horror.... it gets complicated and surreal.... and not always in a good way.... i have to admit that i really wanted to like this movie.... but in the end i was left feeling really flat....

just for the good stuff up until the end, i'll give it 3 out of 5 stars.... would i recommend it....? no. it's available on Netflix OnDemand.... so you could do worse than this movie.... a lot worse.... it just seems like a good idea was wasted on a lame ending.... and it's a damn shame because this could have been one of the greats.... a classic.... oh well, they can't all be winners.... and you have to have the bad to appreciate the good....

if you like this or things like this, see: 'Audition', 'Machine Girl' and 'Tokyo Gore Police'

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