Saturday, May 15, 2010

my blog.... part II

as you all know, i'm a movie freak.... it's just that simple.... and i love all things about film and filmaking.... and so it was a natural progression to write about them in a blog, as i love writing too.... granted the reviews may not always be the most well written or thought out pieces of work.... but it's a release for me and a way to convey my thoughts and feelings on the things i say.... and perhaps to get others to watch something they may not have normally.... and to check out my recommendations at the end of the reviews to lead them down other directions too.... either way, i love doing it and i hope that you enjoy reading it.... since i no longer have a solo podcast to voice my thoughts and feelings about film.... this is the only outlet outside of my brief reviews on my podcast The Undercover Unitards.... ....check us out.... you may dig it....

so please enjoy my musings and jumbled rantings.... and if you feel so inclined, comment on them.... i love to get feedback and critique.... good or bad.... i feel like it's all a learning experience and i love to know what you all think too....

thanks for your continued support.... and i hope this continues on for a long time.... and don't forget to check out my old blog at: in closing.... here's a fun picture to just add a little flare to my thoughts.... enjoy.
p.s. if you haven't seen 'Hard Boiled'.... then how can you call yourself an action film lover.... seriously.

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