Sunday, August 16, 2015

double 90's wham a thon! 'The Sunshine Happy Kpants Hour' is headed into the wayback machine, but going forward?!?!

The 153rd episode of 'The Sunshine Happy Kpants Hour' is uploaded and now available through iTunes, Talkshoe, Stitcher Radio and streaming LIVE right here.

This week, it's mostly about the music! Veruca Salt brings the 90's back, in style. Meanwhile, Waters brings the 90's forward! Topics include the disappointment of nostalgia, being naive vs trusting and the end of summer. Hop in the car and ENJOY!

Songs played this week:

1) The Gospel According to Saint Me by Veruca Salt

2) Mom and Dads by Waters

3) Eyes on You by Veruca Salt

4) The Avenue by Waters

5) Empty Bottle by Veruca Salt

6) Rebel Yell by Waters

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