Saturday, May 23, 2015

If you're looking for more content from me? Check out 'The Creepercast'!

I know that you originally came here to read movie reviews. Over the years, I've used this as a way to promote my podcasts. The movie reviews still happened, just less frequently. Soon, I was so busy with podcasting and other endeavors, that there wasn't much here at all. I keep thinking I'll come back to it, but I never find the time. However, one of the podcasts I am affiliated with.... isn't one where I'm on the air, I'm on the writing staff. The show is called The Creepercast and it's an all horror podcast that's a damn good time to listen too! What my role is at The Creepercast is to provide horror movie reviews, top 10 lists and other content. So far, we're pulling old reviews from this site to drop one a week on Saturday's. However, I'm also writing new material that's NOT available on this site! So, if you're looking for more from me and other great content from the guys at The Creepercast, head on over to If you just want some of my stuff, here's the links to everything so far:

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