Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hop in the wayback machine and join me for the new episode of 'The Sunshine Happy Kpants Hour'!

The 141st episode of 'The Sunshine Happy Kpants Hour' is uploaded and now available through iTunes, Talkshoe, Stitcher Radio and streaming LIVE right here.

This week, it's time for a trip in the wayback machine to visit the 90's! It's a show all about me and my music back then. Check it out now and ENJOY!

Songs played this week:

1) Devil's Diary by The Caulfields

2) Pain (Makes You Beautiful) by The Judybats

3) Thoughts by Water

4) Moon by Fossil

5) Rapture by Seed

6) Trampoline by The Greenberry Woods

7) Sweet Knees and Backbones by the cat Mary

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