Friday, April 27, 2012

Is it raining where you are? It will soon feel like it is.... episode 28 of 'The Sunshine Happy Kpants Hour' is why.

The 28th episode of 'The Sunshine Happy Kpants Hour' is uploaded and now available through iTunes, Talkshoe and streaming LIVE right here!

There was no direction for this episode, but by some miracle, it turned into something kind of interesting. All this episode contains is me reading some older poems of mine. That's it. I think you may find the results satisfying and the music will make you sigh. ENJOY!

Songs played this week:

1) Blinding Me by Merry Ellen Kirk

2) Go Ahead And Make My Day by Black Vendetta

3) Kingdom Coma by Rori Damson

4) Alone Again, The Living Room Sessions by Marie Hines

5) In A Long Time by 46bliss

6) 20 Years by North American Royalty

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