Friday, March 4, 2011

my very brief thoughts on.... 'DIE-ner (Get it?)'

sometimes Netflix OnDemand causes me to watch things that i would never have seen before if it wasn't for them.... usually, it's a good thing.... in this case, it wasn't.... as you can probably already tell by the title 'DIE-ner (Get it?)' that this movie is not going to be a piece of top notch filmmaking.... but i figured, what the hell....? it's billed as a horror comedy.... it has zombies and a serial killer.... it sounds pretty sweet.... but the problem is: it's not funny, the zombies are extremely apathetic, the characters have no charisma, and the story is about as interesting as drinking a glass of luke warm water on a warm day.... and for some reason, i'm still watching it.... i don't know why i can't turn it off, i suppose that deep down i'm hoping it'll get better.... i always want to give an indie movie a shot as i know that someone put a lot of time and effort into making their movie outside of the Hollywood mainstream.... and i still hold that philosophy.... my only request to the filmmakers is that they need to make sure they have a worthwhile product that will leave an impression regardless of budget.... because i've seen other filmmakers be successful with almost no money, but an amazing idea....
alright.... so now what....? i'm in the middle of a movie that i'm not really enjoying but for some reason, i can't turn it off.... i don't know that i can even feel good about rating it, until it's over.... but i'm pretty sure we're looking at a 1 out of 5 star effort and a movie that i won't ever need to see again, unless i run out of Advil PM.... are we on the same page....?

if you like this, perhaps you were watching something else at the time and just got confused.... because i'm pretty sure that you were watching something other than this.... god, i hope so anyway.

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