Friday, March 25, 2011

hey kids....! some contact information for me and my friends....

I think i've shared my info here before, but to anyone who's new.... here you go. If you want to find me on Facebook, you can locate me here: (and be my friend?)
I also have a dedicated page for this blog.... where I put updates when new posts go up and where, hopefully, people can talk with each other about movies and other things. You can find that, here:!/pages/A-momentary-lapse-with-joel/198969670132513?sk=wall&filter=2
if you need to e-mail me to talk more about movies or have general questions.... you can use my email address from my former podcast The Awful Show.... you can send the e-mail to:
Now, in a different kind of medium.... you can find me podcasting on 'The Undercover Unitards'. So if you've ever wanted to hear my lovely voice on a weekly basis talking about my week, movies, TV, video games, stupid stuff on the internet and porn (including she-males).... then maybe you should check us out. You can find us on iTunes or directly at our site:
I am very thankful for all of my friends, listeners and readers that check out my blog on a regular basis and that take their time to write their own. As a thank you to them, I'm going to put together a list below of some of the other blogs to check out. Here we go:
This is my cousin's blog and where I recently guested with a blog post of my own.
This is my friend, Jeff's blog. He's a fellow movie reviewer and he also has a podcast with another friend, Jason. It's called 'Creepercast' and i'm sure you can guess what it's about. You can find them on iTunes, Facebook and at the main site here:

This is a good friend of mine, Kamaile's, website for her art. It's great stuff and I always want to share:

My friend Mike also has a blog. He really likes coffee, so be aware. You can check his writings out here:

A fellow reader of this blog, a regular to add comments and a good person, King Uke has a blog. Reviews written from across the pond. Good stuff! Head over there, here:

Being a big fan of horror, here is The Horror Blogger Alliance. A comprehensive site for all things horror blog releated. This link is:

If you're getting the writing bug, it all starts with a site and a desire to write. My host is I've been happy with how easy it is and it seems to be pretty popular with other bloggers. They're here:

If there is anyone that I've missed or forgotten, I'm sorry. I will be happy to add more folks to the list! Just drop me a line with the link and I'll get it up right away. The best way to get your voice heard is with cross-promotion with other like minded folks. And there are a lot folks out there with stuff to say.

Thank you, again, for all of the support. I will continue with this blog as long as I have something to write about and hopefully some people to read it.

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