Friday, June 22, 2012

'Sarah Silverman: Zombie Slayer' two great tastes, that taste great together! episode 34 of 'The Sunshine Happy Kpants Hour' is a GO!

The 34th episode of 'The Sunshine Happy Kpants Hour' is uploaded and now available through iTunes, Talkshoe and streaming LIVE right here!

I wasn't planning on recording, but I felt the need to do it anyway. This week: I talk about a bunch of movies I've seen, some zombie flicks and the next generation of kids. It's a long one kids. ENJOY!

Songs played this week:

1) You Cannot Kill David Arquette by The Black Math Experiment

2) Same Old Drag by The Apples In Stereo

3) Killing A Camera by Braid

4) Stupid Now by Bob Mould

5) Butterfly Kisses by The Depreciation Guild

6) Proofs by Mates Of State

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