Friday, December 2, 2011

When life gives you lemons....

When this last week started, I didn't expect it to end the way it did. I can only figure that it was bound to happen, when everything else had been going so well.

At the start of the week, I got a letter from Unemployment that my benefits were being stopped. I called the office the next day and after waiting on hold for 2 hours, I was told that due to an error.... I would not be getting benefits until I filed a new claim. I was told it would take up to 6 weeks before I would get any more money. Sadly, I have no interviews scheduled and no jobs on the horizon. So with no pre-planning, we're screwed. Christmas is 3 weeks away-ish and we don't know quite what to do. Rent and living expenses are first, but our kids and possible presents are second. Amy got some stuff for them before we found out, hopefully we won't have to return them for money. It all depends on if we can come up with stuff to cover things first. but it doesn't stop there. Tonight, after Amy got home from her part-time job, we heard a large crash outside. We go out and find that our car has been hit from behind and totalled. We have no usable vehicle and were ticketed on top of that! We were parked and the other gentleman was driving and hit a slick spot. He was a really nice guy and I feel bad for him and his situation. All in all, it's just another kick in the ass. I am hoping the insurance for the other guy covers all the costs, but with our luck.... I am guessing something will go wrong.

We are trying to keep a positive attitude and hoping for the best. You can see where we'd be skeptical right now. We try and do good and pay things forward, but in this world that just doesn't seem like it means as much as it used to. That would never stop me from doing the right things though. Just keep hoping for the best or even just a little bit better and I'll keep keeping on.

(NOTE TO THE READER: I find it ironic that the post I wrote earlier tonight was for the movie, 'Wrecked'.... which was about a car accident. Odd.)


  1. Holy cow, Joel... :-(

    I really hope that you and your family get some Christmas miracle or something to make things better.

    I know it can be very hard to think positive at all considering the situations at hand... but at least your wife and/or your kids weren't -in- the car when it was hit. They're all safe and healthy, which is the true blessing. :-)

  2. Sounds shit Joel. Keep your chin up mate.


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