Thursday, April 7, 2011

my very brief thoughts on.... 'Darkness' (2002)

I don't know that I have that much to say about this movie. I had high hopes as it was written and directed by Jaume Balagueró who also made '[REC]' and '[REC]2'. This movie was NO WHERE close to either or those movies. It wasn't even close to the short movie he made called, 'To Let aka Para entrar a vivir'. Perhaps once he went back to make movies in Spanish and stopped working for the American movie houses, he had the freedom to make things the way he wanted. Granted, 'Darkness' isn't without some glimmers of hope. The shaky cam that he uses in 'To Let aka Para entrar a vivir' are present in this early movie. It's not used as effectively, but it still creates an uneasy feeling and dread. I guess this was just an artist sharpening his skills. I only wish I could have avoided spending 1 and a half hours of my life to come to that conclusion. Well, you live and you learn.

The plot is somewhat along the lines of a house is built, 7 kids have to be killed by people they love during an eclipse to release the darkness. One of the kids escapes, a family moves into the home, weird stuff starts happening and then things get crazy and it ends. Don't bother watching this. Watch his later movies instead. I think he's got some really great stuff yet to come. Perhaps he'll bring the Spanish horror cinema to the level of the French. Either way, I'm going to keep watching the progression and have fun for the whole ride.

I gave this 1 out of 5 stars. The 1 star is for the shaky cam, that's it. I guess now I have to finish watching more of his movies to see if maybe some of the other ones will be better than this. *sigh*

If you like this, you might want to take your meds.... you may have missed your morning doses.


  1. I don't think I've ever watched this.

    And thanks to your review, I probably never will xP

  2. i watched this once but i kept getting interrupted i think i need to check it out