Friday, April 30, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Dead of Winter'

my basic thoughts on this are short and sweet.... it's sloppy, it's got no real point and it's fairly uninteresting.... in other words.... stay away.... you've got a couple that get slipped some LSD and start tripping and thinking that they're being chased by a killer.... then slowly one of them turns into that person, sort of.... and then one person dies and then one other person dies in a chimney and it's over.... or is it....? eh? eh?.... 1 out of 5 stars.... don't waste your time even if you have nothing else to do.... watch something else.... i mean even if you don't have cable, you've always got something on PBS that's more interesting than this....

if you start watching this, turn it off and watch: 'P2', 'Santa's Slay' or 'Silent Night, Deadly Night'

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