Monday, March 22, 2010

my thoughts on.... 'Nine Dead'

ever want to see a movie where a bunch of people are trapped in a room and must fight for their lives to get out while trying to solve a puzzle....? oh wait, you've already seen 6 of those....? well, not this one.

the premise sounded interesting to me.... and i found it available to watch instantly on Netflix.... and later available at Redbox.... and i decided to invest the hour and a half to see what it was all about.... and i hate to say it, but i didn't hate it.... it's not going to win any awards..... it's not all that original.... and it's fairly simple in it's overall excecution.... the basic idea is: 9 people are trapped in a room and must figure what they all have in common or one of them will die every 10 minutes.... ie: 90 minute movie.... the killer is kinda of creepy in his s&m mask and hoodie.... and he's not joking about his threats.... so don't watch the movie and get too attached to anyone, because you never really know who's gonna die next....
the characters are all interesting to watch and the actors do the best with the script that they can.... and i enjoyed learning along with the rest of the characters as to what the hell was going on.... the writers do a good job of building suspense and not letting the cat out of the bag too early.... my only regret or problem with the movie is the ending.... its sloppy and unrealistic.... or maybe that's just me.... the killer isn't super hard to figure out and what happens in the last 10 minutes is so over the top it borders on silly.... either way, i'd recommend watching it on a rainy Saturday night.... it's worth that much....

oh and Melissa Joan Hart is in it.... if that does anything for you.

if you enjoy this movie, check out: the 'Saw' series....plain and simple.


  1. Not like i know you but, Hey , Joel
    Have you ever seen "cube" ? The first and third of the movies were great in my narrow eyes ; the second had a good premise that just got all fucked up --similar to this post . Oh Shit! also " closetland and " Mr. Frost ( perhaps Jeff Goldblum's best role edging out " the fly"
    The awful show is going bye,bye --sad days with smiles.

  2. Shit ! sorry man great synopsis of videos and such you have seen -- MY summary --" OH FUCK - what? my son is gay and my daughter is a lesbian ....and yes (not really bad news) my fuckin house is on fire (k,okay,insurance) WHAT ?! WHAT?!
    My wife is lettin that MORon
    have anal sex with her ! YOU can just call me a pool of blood. you just feel the pain uncaring cosmos while I off myself.

  3. i own Cube and Cube2.... haven't bought 3 yet, but i've seen it a few times.... i love that series....

    Closetland....? never heard of it.
    Mr. Frost.... not a big Goldblum fan.... but you say it's worth the watch....?

    thanks for the love....
    and i'm not leaving podcasting.... you can just find me over with the Undercover Unitards 'cast.... join us....! it should be fun....

    the 2nd part of this post was weird.