Saturday, January 1, 2011

my very brief thoughts on.... 'Anatomy of Hell'

well, well, well.... Catherine Breillat you've done it again.... you've written another pretentious, overly hyped piece of crap.... at least this one only ran a bit over an hour.... i've sat through three of your films now an i can honestly say i'm not a fan.... and i don't understand your place in cinema.... maybe i'm watching the wrong films of yours....? perhaps i don't understand them....? (i kind of doubt it.) or perhaps they're just garbage....? just because something is provocative and the people talk like overly educated hipsters doesn't make it art.... and just because you include XXX rated nudity and sex, doesn't make it high art.... i've seen films that include hard core scenes and they made sense with the story.... in your movies, it seems like you do it just to shock and to give yourself a name....
to everyone else who may see this movie or 'Romance' or 'A Real Young Girl'.... stop yourself before you start.... or watch it and see if you agree with what i'm saying....? 'Anatomy of Hell' is OnDemand right now on Netflix.... i personally have seen enough of her work now that i can say i'm not a fan and i've given her every opportunity to make me one.... she's going to continue making movies and she's going to continue getting praise and i'm going to continue ignoring them.... ah well.... so be it.

if you want something sexually explicit with bad dialogue, watch a porn.

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